Kamshet - Paragliding - winter 2008

An unusual bike trip towards Kamshet a small marathi village between Bombay and Pune lost in a sumptous valley next to a dam. The thing is that Kashet is famous for its paragliding. Sensations garanties!!

P1050262 (Large) P1050263 (Large) P1050264 (Large) P1050311 (Large) P1050316 (Large) P1050345 (Large) P1050368 (Large) P1050398 (Large) P1050403 (Large) P1050403 (Large) P1050407 (Large) P1050408 (Large) P1050412 (Large) P1050426 (Large) Kamshet fev 08 027 (Large) Kamshet fev 08 147 (Large)