02 juin 2008

Boxes ready, set, go...

Things are moving fast, very fast. The last couple of days were very fruitful in terms of packing : packing of my stuff, packing for the long way back, packing the bike itself for shipment, and putting the entire package into a truck for the airport! Be ready for the update this different ways of packing and the pictures coming along:

-       Packing of my stuff (clothes and everything I piled up during my stay here in India): 105 kg in 3 boxes…not too much for a guy who has been living here for 2 years. A freight forwarding company is supposed to come to pick up my luggage at my place before I leave for Dubai(that is to say Wednesday). I was not going to carry these 100 kilos on the bike…that would have been suicide! No pictures (the boxes are not sexy at all!)

-       Packing for the Long Way Back: after putting the rack on the bullet two weeks back, there was a need to find appropriate luggage. So we asked a local welding wallah (a guy who could weld us a metal box) to make us a box that would fit perfectly into the rack…it will carry our spare parts among other things (tent, sleeping bags…). I asked an artist to paint on it a copy of the cartoon Nicolas has drawn for the Blog, as well as a small Ganesha (a Hindu god who will bring us prosperity and luck for the journey). I am very happy by how it came out. See the result for yourself right below:

View of the top of the box                The artist      

P1060883__Large_              P1060884__Large_         P1060897__Large_                           

-       Packing the bike. A little reminder: we are sending the bikes to Dubai by Air Cargo. A strong wooden crate was required for the transportation of the bike. As I told you in my previous post, I found a box wallah (by now you should have understood that it  means a guy that makes boxes!). Seize of each box: 260 kg (190 kg for the bike & rack and 70 kg or the wooden bow itself). Well my bike is bigger than Adrien’s but everybody knew thatJ! Shabbir and his son Mohammed came with their workers and family on Sunday morning at my place to assemble the boxes. They made a very good job – very professional and efficient work. A delight! See again for yourself below:

P1060891__Large_    P1060908__Large_  P1060904__Large_    P1060911__Large_


P1060896__Large_     P1060906__Large_ P1060912__Large_   

-       Finally we had to put the wooden crates into a truck to send it in the cargo office at the International Airport. We of course had to hire a truck wallah (I’m sure you would have guessed that by now!) that came this morning –waking me up at 7.30 after a very short night. Adrien and a couple of strong/shakti Indian guys had to lift the 250+ kg boxes into the truck (I was taking the pics, an envious position I would say, héhé!). See Adrien’s muscles in action right below:

       P1060923__Large_                        P1060925__Large_                P1060929__Large_

Our bullets are sleeping tonight in the customs warehouse at Bombay Airport. We are already missing them (sniff, sniff), but looking forward to ride them in Dubai by Wednesday!

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Commentaires sur Boxes ready, set, go...

  • bluffant...

    C'est carrément bluffant comme le dessin est reproduit...
    Ils sont forts ces moustachus.

    Quoi qu'il en soit, j'ai la larme au groin en pensant a vous les loulous... vous allez vivre une super aventure, et je ne serai même pas là...

    Posté par Nicolas, 02 juin 2008 à 21:39 | | Répondre
  • Meme chose ici, qques miliers de km plus a l'est.
    Ce matin j'ai accompagne un couple d'amis qui partent faire le tour de l'asie pendant un an. Ca et toi et Adrien qui faites l'aventure ultime, je boue de jalousie.
    Pr la peine, je vais me deboucher le fion et trouver un truc simpa a faire.
    Sinon, bon vent, et rappelle toi qu'on te regarde tous de loin.

    Posté par Edouard, 10 juin 2008 à 02:04 | | Répondre
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