06 juin 2008

First stop : Dubai

Dear all,

We have reached Dubai on wednesday. Surprisingly Air India flight was good : it was on time and almost empty!
After 3 hours spent in the customs (we had to pay some duty despite our carnets de passage) we found an indian guy to lift away our bike boxes and take us to an empty street to unload them and to break them to release the bikes. We spent 4 hours trying to break the boxes and to reassemble the bikes. It was hot and my bike didn t seem to want to work and move. We gave up fixing it at 11 pm and decided to leave them in a garage owned by a guy from Kerala. We spent the next 2 days fixing the bikes, well my bike, with Anil - now another garagist friend of ours - probably one of the many to come! The carburator was not well fixed and we had to change the bearings of my front wheel as well. I also had a flat tyre... a lot of work and 0 km done! We finally drove off today and did 40 km in the heat of the city. Yes indeed Dubai weather is hot: around 45 degrees and plenty of humidity to sweat like never before (and we lived in India 2 years!)

P1060942     P1060978    P1060981
We spent some time shopping in the huge malls and eating junk food before our departure to Iran : we are hopefully going to catch a ferry to Iran (Bander Abbas) tomorrow morning from Sharjah.

As I am writing this post I am realizing that India is behind and am sad to have left the life I had there, my workmates, my friends. Thanks to all the Pakis and Keralites working in Dubai, I still feel the subcontinent is not to far and it feels good...

Now we shall move on and get into the real Long Way Back...

Lots of love,

May the road be with us!

Ps: some pictures of dubai will come in later...we have some funnny ones to share...i just have to figure out how to reduce the pictures' size on cybercafes' computers. Any suggestions?

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Commentaires sur First stop : Dubai

    Ben dit donc...

    C'est pour de vrai alors... Je n'arrive pas a croire que vous etes vraiment partis avec des boulettes, en route vers la gaule...

    Posté par Nicolas, 06 juin 2008 à 21:21 | | Répondre
  • Pr tes photos il n'y a pas vraiment de solution en dehors de les envoyer sur une plate-forme en ligne qui te le reduise par elle meme. Flicker, et les galleries photos de facebook font ca (flicker c'est mieux).

    Posté par Edouard, 10 juin 2008 à 02:07 | | Répondre
  • Allah Ho Akbar!

    Germain et Adrien. Vous me manquez. I am glad that you had a nice flight. Air India was not that bad in the end. Héhéhé. You had to fix your bike? What the F*@K were those guys in Mahim doing?
    Anyway, are you missing me? I miss my morning kisses. I like the part where you write about the Pakis and Keralites. Made me crack up.
    Love you boys....Muaaah.

    Posté par Sheikh Joel, 11 juin 2008 à 12:42 | | Répondre
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