We left wednesday morning for a 2-day ride to Shiraz  - 470 km in the first humid and then dry desert! The ride was hot but the landscapes breathtaking (sorry didn't take much pics that day!) : we crossed mountains, valleys, mountains, valleys, oasis, etc...

P1070025       P1070024     P1070026

My bike (I am calling it more and more 'titine'- a very affectous french name for a vehicle) started to behave badly after 250 kms. The sound of the engine was not reassuring and I thought I would not make it to Shiraz with titine : I was already picturing the end of of the trip because I was moving in an upward slope at 20 km/hour, very depressing indeed! Tried to change the spark plug as I felt the problem was coming from the carburator (that we cleaned before departure of the trip) and the acceleration. Didn't help much... We finished the last 250 km to Shiraz at an average speed of 30 km/hour (average speed with our boullettes is about 50 to 60 km/hour normally).

We found a new garagist friend in Shiraz named Iman : after cleaning again the carburator, changing the oil, the sparkplug (again!), the bike worked perfectly for another day but on my way to Persepolis this morning, on the first slope the bike broke down again...So, back to Iman who finally found the real problem : the jigslaw in the carburator had to be replaced. Now Titine is fine and ready...well, Inshallah again!

The Shiraz garage team and me: