14 juin 2008

The flying bullets

Here are some pics of our 'levitating bikes' - yes a Bullet can fly, you didn't know that!? They were taken in Sharjah when tthe Bullets were loaded onto the ferry boat on the way to Bander Abbas :                     
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14 juin 2008

Desert ride

We left wednesday morning for a 2-day ride to Shiraz  - 470 km in the first humid and then dry desert! The ride was hot but the landscapes breathtaking (sorry didn't take much pics that day!) : we crossed mountains, valleys, mountains, valleys, oasis, etc...             My bike (I am calling it more and more 'titine'- a very affectous french name for a vehicle) started to behave badly after 250 kms. The sound of the engine was not reassuring and I thought I would not make it to Shiraz... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2008

Shiraz - city of refinement and beautiful eyes

We spent 2 days in Shiraz - a city in the center of Iran of 1,3 M souls. People are layed back here. Despite being surrounded by dry mountains, the weather is very plesant, the city full of gardens, bigs bazars (one of them is the biggest of Iran), fast food joints where you can enjoy pizzas and Iranian burgers (but I guess it is everywhere the same in Iran). Shiraf is also the hometown of the greatest poet of Iran of all times - Hafez. He is a national hero here.               We met again... [Lire la suite]
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