22 juin 2008

Brief news from the North of Iran

Hello everyone, Just like the title of this post is saying, please find below so brief news on Adrien's and myself whereabouts. There has not been much time for me to write longer articles these past days due to the following reasons :

1) internet connections here that don't allow us to surf properly sometimes (Iranian firewalls I suppose...) and no connections for USB key to post pictures...
2) a lot of time spent on the road lately,
3) I was being sick (strong tonsilitis that didnt seem to wanna go away despite 7-day antibiotic treatment) and that made me tired and less creative to write on this blog. The sickness should be over in a couple of days hopefully (for Adiren mainly who has been hearing me complain for a couple of days already...me and my famous P****Ns) thanks to a nice doctor that gave me some penicillin shot to keep on riding safely and cure the end of the infection...

We are in Qazvin now - a city 150 km West of Teheran. Yes we saw the beautiful Ispahan - stopped there for 48 hours - and took some tea breaks on the beautiful Imam Square (or La moitié du Monde remember)and under the old bridges. Wait for the pics...and you'll be jealous! We then left for Teheran and stopped in the deserted mountains to camp all alone in the wild...that was cool and very relaxing. No, we didn't stop in Teheran finally (too big and too polluted) and prefered to keep on riding towards a smaller and friendlier city... The cyber café is closing now...so I have to go! We are heading to the Valley of Assassins for one or two days to rest now. Talk to you later and in a better shape.

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Commentaires sur Brief news from the North of Iran

    Valley of Assassins?!

    Love the idea of "resting" in the Valley of Assassins! I hear they are no more... but who knows?! Oh well, I hope they left their plants behind

    Sorry I didn't get to see you guys before you left! But we will meet again.
    Keep it up!

    Posté par Marianne, 24 juin 2008 à 05:59 | | Répondre
  • Cough Cough....Putain....Ca me fait chier putain.

    Salut mes boys. I just happened to stop by today only to read a new post.
    G, prends soins de toi, si tu veux je viendrai très vite pour te faire mieux. T'as besoin de qq chose dans ta bouche....des pastilles idiot .

    Upload the pics G, I want to see the hot Iranian boys. I miss you both.


    Posté par Joël Fernandes, 24 juin 2008 à 11:25 | | Répondre
  • J'espére que les docteurs de Qazvin sont venus à bout de l'angine de Germain, sinon vous risquez d'êtres retenus en quarantaine à la frontiére Turque (pas cool).

    Take it easy.

    Posté par Adrifather, 24 juin 2008 à 11:26 | | Répondre
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