30 juin 2008

Caspian Sea, Sun and Sun...

What has become to our souls and bodies the last couple of days? I am sure that it is a question a few of you have asked yourselves although not in these specific terms... :)

Well my tonsilitis has finally gone away (after 12 days of antibiotics) : the rest in Rasht was welcome and for sure salvatory for my health. We spent 48 hours there and met Hakim - a young man originately from this city that spent 6 years studying and working in Pune (India) and was missing it so much... He was helping his mother and brothers at the trendy Pızzeria they owned in the center of the City...and dreaming of leavıng his country once again... indeed once the virus of living abroad catches you , it is hard to get rid of it!

We then headed to Astara ...the border town with Azerbaidjan on the Caspian Sea. It was with great satisfaction and pride that we reached that side of Iran knowing we were just in the Persıan Gulf 15 days before...The next day we rode to Tabriz - the last big city before the Turkish border.

P1070407__Large_ P1070412__Large_ P1070415__Large_ P1070423__Large_

The 300 km journey between Rasht and Tabriz was very painful as my bike was still not working properly... arghhhh!!! We thought it was due to some dust in the inside of the fuel tank (that was the cause of the choking of my bike between Bander Abbas and Ispahan - that a garagist ın Ispahan had detected and cleaned...), so we cleaned it again in Astara but the choking kept on happening very badly and the bike didn't want to speed up above 30-40 km/h... Adrien - aka McGyver - arranged a substitute tank wıth one of the fuel jerrican we had to isolate the problem...but the choking kept on going and we were not moving really...Stopping ın a village on the way we finally identified the problem : the battery was empty...no more acid/lead solution in it! After recharging and refilling them (both our batteries were dry and empty), Titine was finally back on track... and it is love and passion between me and her since then...until the next adventure/caprice which I hope will not be happening soon! 

P1070310__Large_ P1070462__Large_

We visited Tabriz bazar that was the most typical and charming of the Iranian bazars we had seen, then left on saturday for Bazargan, the border town with Turkey... We crossed the border ın less than 2 and a half hours yesterday (a delight after the endless procedures ın Dubai, Sharjah and Bander Abbas)...

P1070433__Large_ P1070435__Large_ P1070445__Large_

We are now rolling in Turkey...we stopped in Erzerum - 300 km from the border with Iran...
The landscapes (mountains, deserts, forests, seas, etc...) we have crossed since the beginning of the trip have been grandioses, breathtaking and by far one of the most interesting aspects of the bike trip...Everyday the landscapes changed and had something dıfferent...not many pictures were taken as we were constantly riding and pictures of landscapes often don't relate/translate well the immensity and deepness of the landscapes...

P1070456__Large_ P1070463__Large_

As for now we are plannıng on riding 4 days straight to reach Istanbul on Thursday as Cappadoce ıs fınally quıte a big detour and we still want to keep so time for us to visit Bulgaria and the Balkans before reaching France at the end of July...
So next stop: Istanbul and its wild nights !! (we haven't drinked a single drop of Alcohol for the past 3 weeks...so it will soon be time to replenish! lol!).

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  • news

    good to see u in turkey...perfect time I guess in your schedule
    keep it up

    See u soon

    Posté par gerard, 30 juin 2008 à 14:54 | | Répondre
  • Bon ben j'espère que vous avez fait le plein d'osciète, de béluga et de sévruga...
    Attention tout de même aux folles nuits de Taksim, et de ses rabatteurs en particulier...

    Posté par Nicolas, 30 juin 2008 à 16:54 | | Répondre
  • PS

    ... Cracovie, c'est presque sur votre chemin, alors n'hésitez pas et tentez le détour...

    Posté par Nicolas, 30 juin 2008 à 16:55 | | Répondre
  • Hé! Les bullet men, vous avez testé le poisson séché ?

    Posté par N, 02 juillet 2008 à 19:26 | | Répondre
  • commande Bidon de caviar

    bien le reservoir de substitution, Adrien n'est jamais en manque de solutions; BRAVO.

    Maintenant que la panne est réglée, utilisez le pour transporter votre stock de Caviar.

    Amitiés aux Stambouliotes,

    take it easy,

    Posté par Mc Gyver'father, 04 juillet 2008 à 15:27 | | Répondre
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