03 septembre 2008

The Long Way Back is over...

A month has passed since the end of the journey. I spent this month settling down, readjusting to France (that is to say enjoying good stinky cheese and wine not comparable to Indian Sula), seeing family and friends. Titine is staying still in the back of my mom’s building – she deserved some rest after this 9 000 km journey through Dubai, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France. I am now going to order an entirely new top engine from India, find a good mechanic, and register Titine in France as a Vintage Vehicle – yes she is more than 25-years old!

The trip and its preparation in India has been a great experience overall, something I am happy to have accomplished. It started with a dream, and ended even better than expected. Apart from the landscapes we went through, the people from different cultures and habits we have met on the road and in the cities were the highlights of this journey.

While writing this, I remember that someone said: ‘What is important in a journey is not the final destination but what you go through during your trip’. I definitely agree and would add that the success of a journey depends on how you can manage to open yourself to what is surrounding you, to seize the day, the opportunities and misfortunes the way they come. I am not always perfect in adopting that attitude but am trying my best. So yes, the Long Way Back is over but no reason to be sad because there are plenty of other Long Ways to prepare and experience…


Special Thanks to: Master Zendebeu for all your drawings: they have made the blog (and my bike box) more lively and cooler; all the people who followed the blog and wrote commentaries to support us; my parents who didn’t freak out when I told them I was riding back to France through Iran; Iranian people who taught us all over again the notion of hospitality; Natacha who knew how important this journey was for me and never held me back; Mr. Dossa from the Western Indian Automotive Association who nicely delivered us all the needed documents for the bikes to travel; all the mechanics and biker lovers who helped us keep the bikes rolling and alive; all the people on the road who opened their homes and hearts for us. Last but not least, to my friend and riding partner...Adrien: I could not have found a better travelling partner than you. We were the perfect match for this type of adventure and I would do this trip all over again with you without hesitation. I learned a lot from your optimism that never failed even in the worst situations. I wish you the best for your coming adventures in life and cannot wait to ride again with you in some corners of the Earth.

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Commentaires sur The Long Way Back is over...

    Petard, je vous envie...

    Et oui, ta becane est ce qu'en anglais on appelle un "Lemon". Donc il vaut mieux faire venir un max de pieces neuves d'inde plutot que de te ruiner a la faire reparer en France.

    Posté par Ed en Vadrouille, 12 septembre 2008 à 09:41 | | Répondre
  • hi

    hey mister, just wanted to say hi. how is life treating you back in good old france? india seems to be a long long time ago.

    Posté par Claudia, 21 janvier 2009 à 09:02 | | Répondre
  • BRAVO !

    Wow, ça donne envie, intéressé par ce genre de projets arpès un séjour en Inde, je pensais qu'il n'était pas possible d'immatriculer une Royal Enfield en France, mais j'imagine que c'est possible si elle a plus de 25 ans donc ! Beau trip !

    Posté par Scalino, 16 mars 2009 à 12:30 | | Répondre
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  • Bravo pour cette belle aventure, j'ai dévoré tout vos articles en une demie journée. Ca fait plaisir de voir que, malgré les galères, vous en êtes arrivés jusqu'au bout

    Posté par Charles, 06 septembre 2012 à 20:40 | | Répondre
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