06 juin 2008

First stop : Dubai

Dear all,We have reached Dubai on wednesday. Surprisingly Air India flight was good : it was on time and almost empty!After 3 hours spent in the customs (we had to pay some duty despite our carnets de passage) we found an indian guy to lift away our bike boxes and take us to an empty street to unload them and to break them to release the bikes. We spent 4 hours trying to break the boxes and to reassemble the bikes. It was hot and my bike didn t seem to want to work and move. We gave up fixing it at 11 pm and decided to leave them in a... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2008

Dubai vs Sharjah : not the same fight

No, we are not in Iran yet! I am writing from Sharjah, the Emirate next to Dubai. The one from which we will leave U.A.E for Iran by boat tomorrow morning.A little flashback is required: yesterday morning at 5:30 am we left Jean-Baptiste apartment located next to the highest tower in the world - Burj Dubai. Jean Baptiste is the brother of Marie L., a close friend of Adrien and I from Bombay. He is working in Dubai and was kind enough to welcome the supertramps we are becoming for a couple of nights. So yesterday morning, full of hope... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2008

The flying bullets

Here are some pics of our 'levitating bikes' - yes a Bullet can fly, you didn't know that!? They were taken in Sharjah when tthe Bullets were loaded onto the ferry boat on the way to Bander Abbas :                     
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