06 mai 2008

Preparation - cartoons

Cartoons : courtesy of Master Zendebeu
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09 mai 2008

How it all started...

I first have to apologize for not yet taking the time to write on this blog...My contract with the French Trade Commission is over in a couple of weeks after more than 2 years spent in Bombay facilitating (or trying to) business relations between French and Indian Companies. The idea of coming back by bike to France has come up more than a year ago while drinking and enjoying the evening at one of numerous expats' parties (usually located in their terrace apartment dominating Mumbai's skyline... I believe you can have worse... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2008

Certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicle...finally done!

Today was an important day for the preparation of the journey, as I finally went to pick up the Certificate of Registration of my bike at the Western Indian Automobile Association (WIAA) where I am a member. I  bought my bike more than a year ago but didn't take the time to register it on my name, by negligeance I admit but also because I knew that I would never be in trouble in India if the cops arrested me and I didn't have my bike papers with me. It never happened anyway and when arrested a couple of time (it's quite usual... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2008

No visa yet...

Brief news: We are still waiting for the approval from Teheran for the Iranian visa. We are crossing our fingers to have the Go from the Iranian consulate in Bombay in order to send our bikes to Dubai by air cargo. The carnets de passage required for the passing of the bike in Iran are ready and need to be picked up at the Automotive association's office. The freight forwarding company has been identified...Ideally we would leave Bombay by plane by the beginning of next week...but that only depends on the iranian visa now! ... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2008

In the rush...

We finally have our iranian visa...what a relief! Well, technically, we do not have it yet as we have to pick up our passports at the Iranian consulate this afternoon. The tension of not knowing when we would leave has gone but has been replaced by the stress of finishing all the preps on time! The bikes have to be ready by tomorrow (or sunday..time is flexible here - see below!) for packing and sending to Dubai (it took us a good 2 weeks to find a someone to pack both bikes in a wooden crate at a reasonable price). "Wooden... [Lire la suite]
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02 juin 2008

Boxes ready, set, go...

Things are moving fast, very fast. The last couple of days were very fruitful in terms of packing : packing of my stuff, packing for the long way back, packing the bike itself for shipment, and putting the entire package into a truck for the airport! Be ready for the update this different ways of packing and the pictures coming along: -       Packing of my stuff (clothes and everything I piled up during my stay here in India): 105 kg in 3 boxes…not too much for a guy who has been living here for 2... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2008

Time to leave Innndddiiiiiaaaaa...

Air India plane to Dubai departing on Wednesday, 4th June 2008 at 14:45 from Mumbai International Airport... Bye bye Bombay, bye bye India my love! Tension, anxiety, sadness are the emotions that are starting to hit me at the end of this 'slice' of life...Tired by these last two weeks of preps in the heat of the Summer...but happy and almost content :) I'll see you all again my friends from India... Just one more word to say: let's get this adventure started!!! VRRRROOOUUUUUMMMMMMM!!! Germain
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03 juin 2008

Sajid and Javid...our garagists!

Sajid and Javid are 2 brothers reparing and making old bikes : BSA, BMW, Triumph and Enfields... I could write a long article on them as we spent long hours at their workshop in Mahim West (Mumbai) with Adrien...but lack of time today because of imminent departure for the Long Way Back! A big thanks to them and their mechanics....and a few pictures of the place and the men who know how to take ity the Aram Sey (= take it easy attitude) way:          
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